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As a student of the Bachelor of Tourism Management at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology. I bring a great team spirit, a positive outlook and an energetic personality to any task. I have good communication skills and can utilise my Mandarin speaking ability to make customers feel welcome and valued in every situation. I am good at computer. Also, I have many experiences in event management, driving training and public speaking. I try to learn everything to build my skill up just look for a right opportunity to make US Win-Win.

My Life

The model of thinking

Let us start with my family. As the same as most of the Chinese family. I live with my mother and father. Not special with my mum, but my mum a little bit easy to get impatient but my father is opposite to her. He is a businessman. My father always claims to do everything, but it does not mean doing something slowly. In my memory, my father never helps me to do something strange away. He used to guide me to find the general idea to soft the issue not just to soft the problem. My father gives me a model of thinking.

Focus on people's thinking

When I was a child, I have a unique hobby is thinking about the reason for other people doing things. For example, the reason for some students does not like to study. My grandmother always tells me do not play with other students who have not got a good mark from examinations. But I still make friend with them because there are good cases to search and I know everyone has something shining which I can learn from them. More I think and better I understand. Then I become the king of the children. I take them to explore the world such as organised them to climb hills. It was fun. The research took six years of primary school life.

A talent of concentration and motion

I trust I will be shine if I am a real gold wherever is. So I choose a school near my home. In that time, the middle school which I studied was the worst school in my hometown. Students here used to smoke and fight. I always force on the books and never join them. I know what I want to receive. The three years of study trained have a talent of concentration and motion.

The way to management

From high school, I was going to take more and more responsible. I start to take the position of management in class. Beginning with a group leader and became a monitor. At the same time, I joined lots of computations. Of course, I won a lot of award on computer and speech. Then, the last year of high school, I managed the class and established a new student union at the same time. I became a school department leader and organised about 200 student volunteers to make social value. For instance, we helped the old man, managed the order for the transportation system and guiding people in the retail area and more than that. The most significant event was a two-day charity sale which cooperated with other three high school’s student unions. There was about 300 staff work for the event and about 5000 people involved in CBD of Nanjing, China.

At college, I was the monitor of the class, and our class achieve an award of the top 2 greatest class. Since the second year of studying, I managed the Students Association Union and more than 20 associations. They come together because of their different hobbies, and we offer the opportunity to show themselves. At the ending of the term, we organised the first ceremony of association shows. That was great.

Hard time at oversea but I am firm and persistent

Since the year of 2014, I brought my dream to New Zealand. I did know much about English. Therefore I took the time to learn English in New Zealand and got a choice to study my major. Because of policy, I got a hard time in New Zealand. My visa got declined I fight with Immigration New Zealand four times for two years. During the time, I cannot fly back to China, and I never stop learning, I got some qualifications in New Zealand. Luckily, I got the choice to get to study my major, Bachelor of Tourism Management. Of course, It makes me hard working, I got two most significant mark in two subjects. At break time, I fly back to China to see my family. Because of Immigration New Zealand, I have lost a lot of time to get more working experience, so I only can do is learn more and take any chance to fly. I worked at a tourist attraction called Hells Gate. I put myself harder and harder and got a good achievement even if I only worked for 4 months.

The heavy blow

But when I almost got degrees and renew the last student visa. When I was dreaming it’s time to fly. The Immigration New Zealand declined me again. During the five years, I only back home 1 time. I decided to have a break and wait to fly again. Unluckily, I have not got a bachelor degree. At the ending, I applied for temporary leave at school. However, before I fly back, I always run two Postgraduate of business management class. I treasure any chance to learn and to study. Maybe because of my father influence, I can easy to understand what the tutor said the knowledge of business.

Charge and recharge

After back home, I never stop to study, I took the exam to get the MOS certification and do self-study to learn Bachelor of business management subjects and passed two hardest papers. During the beark I do self-study to learn how to make a web site. Here you have seen is the one.

Never give up

I don’t know what will happen next, but I will never give up, I will try my best and think carefully. As what I said in Linked In, I don't know how far I can go, But at least I will try my best to make us win-win.

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